Packed with Powerful Features to display your notification bar

Display Only Message

Display only message and add url within the message. Minimal setup!

Bar only message

Display Message & Button

Display message and a button with url. Most common Setup!

Display message and button

Display Message, Timer & Button

Display message, countdown timer & a button. Handy if you are running a campaign.

Bar image background

Display Position: Top / Bottom

You can display your notification bar to the top or Bottom of your Webpage

Position Top

Bar position top

Position Bottom

Bar Single Color Background

You can apply a single color as your notification bar background

Single color background

Bar Gradient Color Background

Make it more attractive by applying a g color background

Bar gradient background

Bar Image Background

You can also apply an image as notification bar background

Bar image background

Display Bar as Per Pages

This notification bar plugin allows you to display your message as per your requirements.

Display your message on every pages or home page only. Also you can include or exclude certain pages.

tinybar page selection

Accept HTML in Your Message

One of the exciting features of this Tinybar plugin is that it accept HTML in it’s notification.

You can easily design a fascinating Notification on your WordPress website to keep everyone engaged.

Other Powerfull Features of TinyBar Plugin

Show Hide Bar

You can enable or disable you notification bar anytime you want.

Fixed at Position

You can set the bar as fixed position or overlap and hide when visitor scrolls.

Hide When Scroll

Option to allow the bar to display or hide when you scroll the page.

Bar Height

You can set and adjust your notification bar height as per your requirement.

Content Width

Option to adjust message width. This is really helpful if you display only message.

Customization Options

There are three separate settings panel to customize your bar.

Easy to Setup

This plugin's well thought UI makes it easy to use and setup. Get started quickly.

Design Options

Easily customize the look to match with your site's branding and design.

Completely Responsive

TinyBar is designed to work beautifully on all kind of devices.

Extensive Documentation

We have created all the resources you need to get started with TinyBar Pugin.

Translation Ready

Pot file included, so you can easily translate into your language with loco translator.

World Class Support

We take pride in building great products and offering friendly support.

We Are Open To Customize and Add More Features